Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend Review - NBHA @ Hilltop Arena, Byesville, Ohio

With no big shows within hundreds of miles in each direction, the Ohio NBHA District 05 Money Maker at Hilltop Arena in Byesville, Ohio, drew in top barrel racers from Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. This Weekend Review will cover a ground review as well as some information on how the show ran. Results will be posted as soon as possible, but since the show ran until about 4 a.m., I didn't stay to get the results that night!

What: NBHA Ohio District 05 Money Maker

Fees: $3 grounds fee per horse, $10 non-member fee, $20 Warm-Up Barrels, $25 Open Barrels

Added Money: $525 in the Warm-Up, $400 in Youth, $1000 in Open

The Ground: It seemed to present a few challenges for a lot of horses. The grounds crew put a huge amount of effort into keeping it nice, with big drags after about every 100 horses or so. The third barrel was slippery for many horses as ruts quickly developed on its back side after just a few runs. The ground was mildly deep, and it seemed that horses with more slide did really well in it.

Overall: The good horses at this barrel race threw down! With too many great runs to watch, Hilltop Arena was home to some of the best runs I have seen this summer. With the best horses clocking in the low 15s, almost anything faster than an 16.5 looked great. If you hit into the 15s, you definitely were in great company! I'd say District 05 certainly made their money this weekend. For a one day show, this was just huge and had some of the toughest horses in the Northeast. The trailers went on forever and many people were left to park in the driveway and block others in. The weather was great, though, and the hospitality was tops!

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