Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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The Mahans have built a site that has so far tracked over 1700 barrel races from across the country, with members from Texas to Pennsylvania and back. 

And they've done it all with close to no advertising. When the site was launched, Mike and Tracy placed one ad with Barrel Horse News, and the site took off from there. Some of their old contacts back in Ohio and Pennsylvania jumped on the bandwagon and began using the site, joining other barrel racers from across the country. 

Mike and Tracy set up a booth at the WBR Race for the Cash II in Ardmore, Okla., July 17 to do their first bit of public relations and advertising since the sites' launch. Since then, Mike said the site has been receiving new members daily.

One of the website's biggest draws is that it allows riders to track their own progress and set personal goals. 

"The encouragement you get from being able to focus against yourself is such a confidence builder," Tracy said. 

When competing against girls like Jordan Peterson, sometimes it is difficult to see progress when the average barrel racer watches the professionals break records every weekend. With, though, riders can watch their own progress and compete against themselves and the clock, rather than worry as much about what the top of the ranks are doing. 

On top of that, the website offers riders the chance to see the true value of their horse. Since the beginning of barrel racing, owners have only been able to anecdotally describe their horses' performance over time. This website allows for a complete performance history of any given horse and can be used when marketing the animal. 

"The heartbreak of this is that there are so many young ladies, professional cowgirls, with no history of their success," Mike said. "For the first time, we have that history."

The site can track barrel races back to 1999, so if you've saved any times, winnings or records, you can enter back-data into the site. The performance history of any horse can be made public and can be downloaded as a PDF and printed. It can be used as a sale flyer or can be saved as a reminder of a great horse. 

Horses with performance histories can also be submitted to the site's free classified section, where members can buy and sell horses using their complete resumes. 

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