Monday, August 24, 2009

Michele Dibert - Important Extras - Part 4

Who are your hauling partners?
I have a great support group that I haul with…my daughter, Landon, Kelsey, Shirley, Grows, Altmans, & Brackens. I would consider a bunch of my IBRA members though to be my hauling partners.

What is your favorite memory of life on the road so far?
Just about every trip made down the road with the horses is a memory! I love my trips to the
East IBRA Nationals though.

When you are at a barrel race, who else’s run do you make sure you watch and why?
My daughter’s runs for sure and there are so many others that I hate to miss someone. I’m always there to support my friends to cheer them on!

What type of truck and trailer do you drive and why?
My truck I love, it’s a 2007 Southern Comfort Chevy Duramax daully…it is so comfortable and it runs super! I have an Exiss three horse with living quarters but that may change in the future, I need something bigger!

What’s the worst thing that has ever happened on the road?
Two flat tires within a half hour on the trailer! We also got held up for a few hours on the way home from TN from a bad accident.

Where is the farthest you’ll travel for a barrel race?
The farthest South I have gone is TN and West would be Missouri but would love to go out West to run or even down into Texas.

How often do you take time off?
My work schedule is Wed-Sat so I have to take a good many Saturdays off.

How long do you condition a horse before you run it?
I try to ride at least three to four times a week. I like turning horse out too so they can play and be horses!

Any superstitions/habits before running?
Well I usually give my horse some Rescue Remedy and I take some myself. I do this everytime and it seems to be working. I also stay away from the pen until it’s my turn to run.

What type of hat do you wear?
I have a couple different kinds but I like Bailey & Resistol.

What kind of saddle do you ride?
Can’t ride in anything but my Bob Marshall.

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