Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weekday Review - BullRide Mania @ Dayton, Penn

With a rainstorm wetting down the arena about 20 minutes prior to show time, the ground was nearing perfection for as much as a little fair track could be. The crowd, though smaller than normal probably because of the rain, was really into the show and could be counted on for some great applause throughout the performance.

What: Dave Martin BullRide Mania/Rodeo - Broncs, barrels, one-go of bulls, steer wrestling and breakaway roping (though there weren't any entries in the GBA) at the Dayton Fair

Who: A good mix of great locals and BullRide Mania tour regulars

Fees: $50 cash only, one hour prior to show time

Added Money: $300 plus 100 percent payback

The Ground: The arena was set up inside the track on what looked the the dirt used for tractor pulling and the demo derby. There were plenty of car parts in the arena, but since Dave gave barrel racers time to warm up in the pen before the show, we had the opportunity to clear out as many parts as possible from around the barrels. The crew had dug up the ground, and for any horse that knew how to run on top of the ground instead of down into it, the dirt couldn't have been much better. For others, though, there weren't really any slips and falls. Moreover, it didn't seem to matter at all where you ran in the list of 22 girls - the ground didn't change and didn't develop big ruts, but the times didn't seem to speed up as the night went on, either. 

Overall: With the crowd being pretty into it, the show was a lot of fun for the barrel racers. Martin, who announces the rodeo, did a great job of letting the crowd know who was a local cowgirl so the crowd could really get behind them. As usual, grand entry was mandatory so a lot of horses that weren't rodeo horses really didn't like the loud music and the crowd. Being at a fair, the show presented a lot of challenges for some non-rodeo horses - like all of the amusement rides next to the arena, the stage and grandstands that horses had to run into, and the short runs with one stride between one and two and only three or four strides between two and three. It was the horses that could really turn and pick up and run between the barrels that got this rodeo done. 

Results: 1st - Lacy Barrett 13.0 - 2nd - Chelsea Toy 13.4 - 3rd - Doreen Ulery 13.6 
(Dave paid three more holes, and as soon as he posts his full results I will have a more detailed account [in the coming days!])

My run from Tuesday night.

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