Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Website Review - The Barrel Racing Buzz

Visit Barrel Racing Buzz

The Internet's Fastest Growing Barrel Racing Site

Recently I discovered a website with many of the same goals as thebarrelracingblog, The Barrel Racing Buzz. This site builds the idea of community within the barrel racing industry by providing forums, informational articles, advertising , videos and an events calendar, all easily accessible on their site.

The site even runs a live webcast that features large barrel racing events from across the country. Those running the site seem to be well connected within the industry, as they are able to feature video interviews with some top contenders like Kay Blanford and Marlene McRae.

My favorite thing about this site is its multimedia features. It incorporates blogging with video and photos that really enhance the experience and help bring the big names and big events to people across the world. This site focuses mainly on national barrel racing events, with many put on by the World Barrel Racing Productions. The events calendar, however, is user-generated content, so anything and everything can be submitted as an event.

Overall, if you want to stay in touch with what's going on across the country, mainly out West, this is a site for you. With their product videos and interviews with top barrel racing experts, this website can really keep you on your toes with what's going on in the industry.

Barrel Racing Report for July 28

Check out this week's Barrel Racing Report, with the latest rodeo and barrel racing results from across the country. This week, they've got all of the NHSFR results and the Cheyenne Frontier Days results, along with a whole lot more! Futurity entry forms and all, this week's report is full of great info!

Stay tuned later this week for thebarrelracingblog's feature on, a website devoted to monitoring you and your horses' performance.

Monday, July 27, 2009

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July 21st Barrel Racing Report

Sorry I'm late with this! I had a computer crash that has delayed things for this one woman operation, but stay tuned as I will be featuring an extended interview with Natalie Overholt, recent winner of the IPRA rodeo at Ellicottville, New York.
In the mean time, follow the national barrel racing happenings with The Barrel Racing Report.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Upcoming Rodeos of Note

If you're deciding about what rodeos to hit in the coming few weeks, I have a few suggestions based on a bit of personal experience and a lot of advice from friends. With July over half-way through, summer will be ending before we know it. It's time to get in those last-minute trips up and down the road to make sure we did all of the rodeo'n we could this summer.

View Upcoming Rodeos - July in a larger map

July 25 - APRA/IPRA @ Brookville, Pa

This rodeo can bring in a great crowd. It is supposed to rain all this week in Brookville, but the weather for Saturday looks clear. I haven't been here for a few years, but the last time I went the arena was soggy and deep after a long hard rain. If I remember correctly, it's a pretty long pen with a decent run to the first, given that the pattern stays the same. The grand stands are pretty tall behind the second barrel and generally very full, so if you have a horse that finds it tough to run into a crowd, then you might have some trouble with this one. The rodeo usually draws in a large number of locals, so the money usually isn't too bad.
Rawhide Rodeo Company is putting it on, with $400 added per event. Call ins were Monday, so if you aren't already entered you've got to stay home. Sorry for the late notice!

July 29 - BullRide Mania @ Troy, Pa

This bulls 'n barrels is normally a rough n' tumble show. It's been known to pour down rain for this show and the ground can be sticky. In the far north of Pa, its kind of out of the way for a lot of people, but for some reason there's usually a decent amount of girls entered. Its on a small track, so if you've got a horse that can handle that sort of pen then Troy is for you. Moreover, there's $300 added and since its not on the weekend, you can hit other rodeos on Friday and Saturday. If you win one of Dave Martin's shows, your automatically qualified for his finals in November in Harrisburg, which always have thousands of dollars up for grabs in a big arena.
Call ins are any time before 48-hours prior to the show at 717-334-7724.

August 1 - BullRide Mania @ Shartlesville, Pa

A staple of the BullRide Mania Tour, Shartlesville offers a great arena with good ground for barrel racers across Pennsylvania and the surrounding states. Mountain Springs Arena, owned by the Miller family, is always extremely well kept. The ground isn't deep and doesn't get too slick when it rains. The times are normally in the 16-17 second range, depending on where the barrels are set. It's never too big or too small really because the pattern is usually really even. The crowd really packs the grandstands and gets into the rodeo. If you breakaway too, then all the more reason to come to Shartlesville. With $500 added, the show normally draws in at least 30 girls and often pays over $900 to the winner.
Calls ins are any time before 24 hours before the event to 717-334-7724.

August 7, 8 and 9 - IPRA/APRA @ Attica, NY

This rodeo always draws in the big girls from all over the country. With $1,5o0 added, Attica pays big and can make a huge difference in the World Standings. Its a big pen and the ground can be deep, but with five perfs and two slacks you've got a great chance of getting good ground at one time or another. Its a great arena and a good test to get ready for North Washington, Pa, later in August.
Calls ins are Thursday, July 30 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at (800) 547-6336, or on the Internet at Wednesday, July 29 9:00 a.m. to Thursday July 30 2:00 p.m. CST.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Calf Manna Coupon!

Hey everyone! I may have mentioned earlier that I rely on Calf Manna Pro for some extra go-juice for my old barrel mare. Well, while cruising around Facebook today, I actually saw an advertisement that wasn't bogus! 

Calf Manna Pro is offering $2 off a 50 lb bag! I think I'm out of it, so this coupon really helps on my tight budget!
Aren't online coupons fun?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ed Henle - Part 4 - The Mental Game

In this final section, Henle discusses many of his thoughts and philosophies on competition. 

What morals/rules/ethical standards do you live by when running horses? In other words, how far do you think people should go to win?

- I don’t really believe in drugging up a horse; however you cant control what other people are doing.  I personally wouldn’t be able to stand myself if I “cheated” to win but that’s just me and some people will do ANYTHING.

What vet do you use? Why?

I use Bill Smith from Chester Vet to do all the shots and checkups, but I use Jimmy Boucher when I get their hocks done or x-rays etc.

Any major career goals?

- I’d like to stay in the sport for along time.  As a goal, I’d like to be able to go anywhere in the country and be competitive.

What are you going to school for?

- I am going to Penn State for business.

What’s the best thing about your riding?

- Some people have to work extremely hard to ride but everything has come pretty natural for me.

What do you really struggle with or what was very difficult for you to learn when running a horse?

- When I started running my colt I had a hard time adjusting back and forth between her and Gunner.  They run completely different, and this caused me to over-ride the good horse.

How supportive are your non-horse friends and family of what you do?

-My family is extremely supportive and all my closest friends are involved with horses as well so they are supportive too.

Any superstitions when it comes to running your horses?

- I always follow the same routines when getting ready to run but I do think any would be considered superstitions.

How do you feel about those who say barrel racing is a woman’s sport?

-The majority of people are indeed women; however there are guys who do it therefore calling it a girls’ sport is not true.  I do think its bullshit that guys can’t run barrels at most rodeos.




















Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ed Henle - Part 3 - In the Arena

Henle's abilities as a rider have brought him big checks at barrel races across the region. With two placings at the AQHA Congress under his belt, getting to know his approaches and methods to riding and training could help every level of barrel racer. 

How long do you usually wait before running a young horse?

- I like for them to be at least three before I do any kind of running around the barrels, but I do have a two-year-old right now that is loping the pattern. But I’ll probably wait another six months or so before I started asking him for a little speed.

What rules do you follow when working with a young horse? Where’s your limit?

- I’ve found that you really have to be careful when you’re getting after a young horse.  If they make a mistake, instead of beating its ass it’s better to let them make mistakes and then show them what your asking of them.  Some horses can take a little discipline, but I have come across some that get worse.

How is your patience with young horses?

- I would say I’m pretty patient with the young ones, at times you really have no choice so you just have to look at the big picture and not what is happening at that moment.

What are you thinking when you head through the gate towards the first barrel?

- To be honest, everything that happens in the arena is a reaction.  I’m not really sure anything is going through my head.

How do your horses approach a barrel? (With a big pocket, straight at it…etc?)

- Gunner runs pretty straight, but I do give him an average pocket. The app mare doesn’t run quite as straight as gunner, but my pockets are about the same on both.

How often do you exhibition?

- Never on the good horse.  When I started taking the colt to shows, I would take her through exhibition maybe two times, but now I do not exhibition her at all.  The majority of people in exhibition are in there because they as a rider need the practice, not the horse.  It’s crazy when you see the same people running their horse to death in exhibition.

What sort of set up do you have at home to practice?

- I have a big outdoor arena where I do most of the riding.  I have the barrels set up but I only ever work the young ones on barrels at home.

Any arena records?

-Buckhorn. 14.408

Do you train other people’s horses?

- Yes. Most of the people send their horse to me to be broke.  I also get people wanting their horse on the pattern but unless the horse is athletic I won’t take it because I don’t like to waste my time with colts that do not have the athletic ability to do it competitively. I usually only take in two at a time, but I have a waiting list a mile long.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ed Henle - Part 2 - Training Tools, Arenas and Products

In this part of the series, Henle talks about many of the tools and products he uses in his training. He also covers the arenas he likes and the ground on which he prefers to run. 

How far are you willing to travel for a show and why?

- I try to stay within four to five hours, but if it’s a big show with a lot of added $ I’d drive further.

What kind of truck and trailer do you drive?

- I have a 3 horse Elite, and I pull it with a Dodge.

What’s your favorite bit for a young horse and why?

- Don’t really have a specific bit for a young horse, but generally its something real mild.

What’s your favorite bit for an older horse and why?

- Nothing specific, basically whatever works. I do a lot of bit changing depending on the horse and situation.

What’s your favorite training tool and why?

- It’s probably something as simple as a round pen because it makes training so much easier.

Where is your favorite place to run and why?

- I really don’t have a favorite place, but I’d have to say Roberts Arena in Wilmington.  The ground was always good and my horse usually runs good there, but lately I’ve been hearing that the ground there is terrible. I heard that they are moving the New Years show to another location because of the bad ground. But I’d still have to go with Wilmington.

Where is your least favorite place to run and why?

-Porchview. The ground is always terrible and the setup is bad around the chute.

What type of ground do you prefer to run on?

-Gunner is all slide so I don’t really like super deep ground.  I really try not to worry too much about the ground unless of course it’s horrible.  Sometimes the more you analyze it, the more problems you’re going to have.           

Do you like to be at the top, middle or bottom of the ground?

- I prefer to be towards the end of classes but the top or middle of drags.

Any products/supplements you live by or just really believe work?

- I have my horses on the Dynamite feed program; it really seemed to calm down Gunner.  For awhile I was having tons of trouble getting him in the arena, but after I switched he’s calmed down a bunch, and I don’t really have any problems.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Weeklong Profile of Ed Henle - Top PA Barrel Racer - Part 1

This week we will be featuring an interview with Ed Henle, a barrel racer from Hookstown, Pa, who has been consistently in atop the Penn-Ohio standings over the last few years. The Barrel Racing Blog asked Henle some 40 questions covering his beginnings in barrel racing, his training techniques and his arena preferences. We go in-depth with Henle, shedding some light on the methods of a top local barrel racer. 

History - Part 1

What horses are you running right now? What are their names, ages and how are they bred?

- SF Who Shot Doc (gunner) is 9 yrs old and Hustlin Miss Heather (Hustler) is 5. Gunner doesn’t really have much on his papers.

What associations do you belong to and are you trying to win anything big this year (any titles)?

- The only organization I belong to right now is Penn Ohio.  I’m really not trying to win anything big but I am in the top 3 in the junior horse and adult standings.

What are some of your past accomplishments, and on which horse did they happen?

- At the 2004 Pa State Horse Show I won barrels and poles and was reserve champion in keyhole. In 05’ I won all 3 classes on my red app mare (Windy).  In 07’ I won the youth average at the Wilmington Spectacular and I was 4th in the open average.  Also in 07’ I made it to the finals in Mississippi at the All American Youth on my gelding (Gunner).  At one point in time I held the arena record at Wildhorse and Buckhorn. I still have the record at Buckhorn, but Mike Hulsinger has the record at Wildhorse.  I broke the Buckhorn record last year and then I broke my own record this year. In 07’ I took 3rd in the youth barrels at Congress and I was 5th last year.

When did you get involved with barrel racing, and how?

- Im not positive when I started running barrels but I would guess around the year 2003 (I haven’t been into that long).  My sister had always rode pleasure horses, but I was into the timed events where your running against the clock, not hoping a judge likes your style of horse.

Who helped you get started?

- Dan McGlaughlin helped me with the basics when I first started.

Was your first horse one that you trained?

-No, my first barrel horse was already trained…he carried my ass around and taught me a ton.

Where did you get the horse(s) you are running now?

- I bought Gunner from Deena Fries roughly 3 years ago.  The app colt was born at our farm, I’ve had her since she was born.

Who started/finished it (them)?

- Deena Fries deserves all the credit on Gunner’s training.  I’ve done all the work on the app.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend Review - Bullride Mania at McHenry, MD

What: A bulls, barrels and broncs rodeo by Dave Martin's Bullride Mania

Who: Bullride Mania tour barrel racers mixed with local barrel racers. 
Time: 7:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Barrel racers run after the long-go of the bullriding and a 15-minute intermission. 

Fees: $50 cash per night. 

Added Money: $300 plus 100 percent payback. 

The Ground: In typical McHenry fashion, the ground was deep, slippery red clay. The long, narrow pen was made slick by the week's rain on Friday. On Saturday, as the pen dried out, the local fire company brought in a tanker truck to wet the pen down again, making it even more slick and muddy than the night before. 

Overall: The rodeo itself was pretty well organized and ran smoothly. Everything ran on time, and it was really nice to be able to show our horses the ground during the intermission. It wasn't really a rodeo for a young horse or a horse that hasn't run a ton of rodeos. 
The hospitality couldn't have been much better. We had free camper hook-ups, a pavilion to cook out in, where Bullride Mania regulars cooked food for every contestant and guest. Those who put on the show also provided free meals after each performance. The fairgrounds even offered free stalls for however many horses we had!
Deep Creek Lake has a lot to offer during the down time, including a great bar across the street from the rodeo grounds and go-carts. 

Results: Friday:
1)LISA BARONE 15.853=$450. 2)DOREEN ULERY 16.119=$270. 3)CHELSEA TOY 16.283= $180.
1)CHELSEA MAGAHA 16.962=$388. 2)CHELSEA TOY 17.104=$291. 3)LAUREN DEVLIN 17.120=$218. 4)KELSEY RICE 17.230=$145. 5)KATIE KLINE 17.664=$109. 6)SAM SNAPP 17.737=$60.

My run Friday, July 3rd.