Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ed Henle - Part 2 - Training Tools, Arenas and Products

In this part of the series, Henle talks about many of the tools and products he uses in his training. He also covers the arenas he likes and the ground on which he prefers to run. 

How far are you willing to travel for a show and why?

- I try to stay within four to five hours, but if it’s a big show with a lot of added $ I’d drive further.

What kind of truck and trailer do you drive?

- I have a 3 horse Elite, and I pull it with a Dodge.

What’s your favorite bit for a young horse and why?

- Don’t really have a specific bit for a young horse, but generally its something real mild.

What’s your favorite bit for an older horse and why?

- Nothing specific, basically whatever works. I do a lot of bit changing depending on the horse and situation.

What’s your favorite training tool and why?

- It’s probably something as simple as a round pen because it makes training so much easier.

Where is your favorite place to run and why?

- I really don’t have a favorite place, but I’d have to say Roberts Arena in Wilmington.  The ground was always good and my horse usually runs good there, but lately I’ve been hearing that the ground there is terrible. I heard that they are moving the New Years show to another location because of the bad ground. But I’d still have to go with Wilmington.

Where is your least favorite place to run and why?

-Porchview. The ground is always terrible and the setup is bad around the chute.

What type of ground do you prefer to run on?

-Gunner is all slide so I don’t really like super deep ground.  I really try not to worry too much about the ground unless of course it’s horrible.  Sometimes the more you analyze it, the more problems you’re going to have.           

Do you like to be at the top, middle or bottom of the ground?

- I prefer to be towards the end of classes but the top or middle of drags.

Any products/supplements you live by or just really believe work?

- I have my horses on the Dynamite feed program; it really seemed to calm down Gunner.  For awhile I was having tons of trouble getting him in the arena, but after I switched he’s calmed down a bunch, and I don’t really have any problems.


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  1. Hi! I am new to barrel racing, I have a 12 year old mustang who loves to run! :-) I really like your blog, a lot of good information! Thank you. I think my biggest issue is finding places, this time of year, to compete. Have a good one!