Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Upcoming Rodeos of Note

If you're deciding about what rodeos to hit in the coming few weeks, I have a few suggestions based on a bit of personal experience and a lot of advice from friends. With July over half-way through, summer will be ending before we know it. It's time to get in those last-minute trips up and down the road to make sure we did all of the rodeo'n we could this summer.

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July 25 - APRA/IPRA @ Brookville, Pa

This rodeo can bring in a great crowd. It is supposed to rain all this week in Brookville, but the weather for Saturday looks clear. I haven't been here for a few years, but the last time I went the arena was soggy and deep after a long hard rain. If I remember correctly, it's a pretty long pen with a decent run to the first, given that the pattern stays the same. The grand stands are pretty tall behind the second barrel and generally very full, so if you have a horse that finds it tough to run into a crowd, then you might have some trouble with this one. The rodeo usually draws in a large number of locals, so the money usually isn't too bad.
Rawhide Rodeo Company is putting it on, with $400 added per event. Call ins were Monday, so if you aren't already entered you've got to stay home. Sorry for the late notice!

July 29 - BullRide Mania @ Troy, Pa

This bulls 'n barrels is normally a rough n' tumble show. It's been known to pour down rain for this show and the ground can be sticky. In the far north of Pa, its kind of out of the way for a lot of people, but for some reason there's usually a decent amount of girls entered. Its on a small track, so if you've got a horse that can handle that sort of pen then Troy is for you. Moreover, there's $300 added and since its not on the weekend, you can hit other rodeos on Friday and Saturday. If you win one of Dave Martin's shows, your automatically qualified for his finals in November in Harrisburg, which always have thousands of dollars up for grabs in a big arena.
Call ins are any time before 48-hours prior to the show at 717-334-7724.

August 1 - BullRide Mania @ Shartlesville, Pa

A staple of the BullRide Mania Tour, Shartlesville offers a great arena with good ground for barrel racers across Pennsylvania and the surrounding states. Mountain Springs Arena, owned by the Miller family, is always extremely well kept. The ground isn't deep and doesn't get too slick when it rains. The times are normally in the 16-17 second range, depending on where the barrels are set. It's never too big or too small really because the pattern is usually really even. The crowd really packs the grandstands and gets into the rodeo. If you breakaway too, then all the more reason to come to Shartlesville. With $500 added, the show normally draws in at least 30 girls and often pays over $900 to the winner.
Calls ins are any time before 24 hours before the event to 717-334-7724.

August 7, 8 and 9 - IPRA/APRA @ Attica, NY

This rodeo always draws in the big girls from all over the country. With $1,5o0 added, Attica pays big and can make a huge difference in the World Standings. Its a big pen and the ground can be deep, but with five perfs and two slacks you've got a great chance of getting good ground at one time or another. Its a great arena and a good test to get ready for North Washington, Pa, later in August.
Calls ins are Thursday, July 30 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at (800) 547-6336, or on the Internet at http://www.rodeosportsnetwork.com/ Wednesday, July 29 9:00 a.m. to Thursday July 30 2:00 p.m. CST.

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