Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Website Review - The Barrel Racing Buzz

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Recently I discovered a website with many of the same goals as thebarrelracingblog, The Barrel Racing Buzz. This site builds the idea of community within the barrel racing industry by providing forums, informational articles, advertising , videos and an events calendar, all easily accessible on their site.

The site even runs a live webcast that features large barrel racing events from across the country. Those running the site seem to be well connected within the industry, as they are able to feature video interviews with some top contenders like Kay Blanford and Marlene McRae.

My favorite thing about this site is its multimedia features. It incorporates blogging with video and photos that really enhance the experience and help bring the big names and big events to people across the world. This site focuses mainly on national barrel racing events, with many put on by the World Barrel Racing Productions. The events calendar, however, is user-generated content, so anything and everything can be submitted as an event.

Overall, if you want to stay in touch with what's going on across the country, mainly out West, this is a site for you. With their product videos and interviews with top barrel racing experts, this website can really keep you on your toes with what's going on in the industry.


  1. Did you know I'm a moderator over there? ;) These folks are some of my most favorite people in the world!!

  2. I didn't! That's great, I'm really enjoying their site. I love the videos and the discussions - so helpful!