Thursday, August 13, 2009

Part Three of

As the site's membership grows, Mike and Tracy have heard more and more success stories. His main goal through all of this is to make the website available to as many barrel racers across the country as possible, and so far, the feedback has been all good. 

Janet Vegter Kerr of Ohio uses to monitor her performance on her horse, FQH Rod's Fast Deal. The features built into the site that allow her to see how her bit changes and supplement changes give her a competitive edge, Kerr said. 

"For example, I always run in a junior cow horse bit outside and an "o" ring inside. Well, after using, I found that my horse actually worked better (clocked faster and left the barrels up) with a junior cow horse in some indoor pens and an "o" ring for some outdoor pens," Kerr said. "It's all stuff that when I was just writing it down in a journal I missed."

The graphs lay out changes in the horse's performance so clearly, Kerr said, that trends are hard to miss. 

The ability to see how mitigating factors affect horses' performances is another thing that Mike said sets apart. It's saved horses careers, Mike said, by showing what the horse's rider is changing rather than just trying to guess what the particular horse is doing wrong. 

Where's going from here? Mike and Tracy said that nobody knows for sure how many barrel racers exist in the U.S., but they know for sure they want a good portion of them using to help improve their horses' performances and values. Even more, the couple plans on expanding into other areas of equine competition, but those plans are still on the drawing boards. For now, Mike and Tracy will keep promoting their site at barrel racers all over the West.

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