Friday, August 21, 2009

Michele Dibert - Inside the Arena - Part 3

In the Arena

What type of ground do you prefer to run on?

Do your horses have any preference of ground or do you pick horses that can take anything?
My horse likes it deep!

Do you like big or small pens?
The horses I ride are big so I prefer big pens so they can stretch out.

Where is your favorite arena and why?
I have a couple favorites. Diamond 7 Arena is on the top of my list. The ground is always super there and the facility is nice. The stalls and arena is under one roof. They also have a nice warm up pen and hook-ups are a plus! I love going to Murfreesboro, TN to the Tennessee Miller Coliseum. For an out door pen I like Clyde Saddle Club, another big pen, and the ground is always good.

What arena have you had the most success in?
Diamond 7 Arena & Tennessee Miller Coliseum

What is going through your head when you’re running to the first?
You will laugh at this one, I always tell people I don’t remember my first, I usually have my eyes closed.

What are you thinking running home?
Go all the way to shut that clock off!

How do you approach a barrel (i.e. with a wide pocket, straight at it, etc)?
I have been taught to go pretty straight to the first.

Do you run with spurs, a hand whip, or nothing?
I use bumper spurs and I have an over & under that I may use from time to time.

What is your horse’s cue to turn a barrel (i.e. lift, leg pressure, etc.)?
I have gotten myself into trouble a lot this year by bumping my horse to soon to clue him so I’m trying to stay up and out of my sit and dropping my hands till I get by the barrel.

What is your favorite bit for a finished horse?
I’m using a Jim Warner gag right now that I really like!


  1. Thanks so much! Look back Monday and Tuesday for parts four and five. The following week, we'll have a five-part series with Natalie Overholt, IFR Qualifying cowgirl from Michigan.