Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Part Two with BillieAnn Sexton

With a herd of top horses, Sexton 

has the ability to change horses depending on the arena. Below, she talks about what 

she does to season young horses to get them ready for 

the rough IPRA circuit. 


How much training to do you do of your own horses? 

Exercise everyday, long trot them in a pasture for 20 minutes. I mainly work my horses off the barrels, I keep them flexing and moving off my leg, I also like to work all off them on calves and steers to keep their minds thinking of more than just barrel racing.

Who else helps you train and and tune horses?


What is your favorite training tool for a young horse?

The round pen. The confined arena helps there attention go to the person on there back. Its a great way for a young horse gain consistency for perfect circles. 

How old do you like your horses to be before you start rodeoing with them?

I think it depends on the horse. Some mature quicker then others. If they are four and can handle being pushed hard then I believe they can be hauled.    

What is your favorite bit for a young horse?

Sherry Cervi snaffle or a twisted wire draw bit.

How do you get a horse ready to rodeo? 

There is a big difference in rodeo and going to barrel races, so first I will get a young horse seasoned going to barrel races with them, then it's time to be under the big lights at a rodeo. 

What type of ground do you have in your arena at home?

Sand, it gets pretty deep but I think it helps a horse find its rear end while going around the barrel.

Do you ride horses for other people?

I am still young and also learning myself on training my own barrel horses, but i believe I may start that soon. 

BillieAnn exercising her horse, Brownie, at home in Westville, Fla. 

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