Friday, October 16, 2009

Part Five with BillieAnn Sexton

A lot more goes into each run than just the 15 seconds or so in the arena. Every cowgirl has her favorite saddle, her favorite traveling partners and some terrible stories from on the rodeo road to share. Below, BillieAnn Sexton talks about the "extras" that go into each rodeo. 


What type of splint boots do you use?

Professional's Choice on the front. Polo wraps on the back.

What type of saddle do you ride?

My favorite is my Ken Raye/Tami Purcell. I also love my Martin/Sherry Cervi saddle

What kind of truck do you pull your trailer with?

Ford, 450

Who do you travel with?

Bobby Abernathy, Daniel Robertson, and Cody Miller is usually the crew.

What's the worst rodeo experience of your life?

In Memphis, Tenn., in the barrels I was running home from my run, and at high school rodeos they never keep a open alley, which my horse going to rodeos is not use to a close gate in the arena. So "Sassy" realizes  the gate was closed and crow-hops right, then left, I was not prepared for that my hand was still on my whip not the saddle horn, and it slingshots me into the bucking shoots. I chipped a few teeth, got knocked out, had a severe concussion and got a piece of my lip ripped off. That morning and afternoon on a snowy Memphis day was not to exciting. On the bright side, I placed, and that night I was in the performance in the breakaway roping. Although I was told by the doctor not to ride, I won it. 

What will you not leave home without?

Magnets and treats for the horses, and also, my phone.

How often do you give your horses time off?

Since I have a few they get weekends to stay home from running, but I keep them exercised. 

How often do you take time off yourself?

Maybe a day out of a month? I love what I do, so I am not "in need" of time off.

What are your future goals? College, PRCA, etc?

I turn 18 March 5th, I am going to buy my Pro permit. I hope to make the Circuit Finals this year and in two or three years make a run for the National Finals Rodeo. That is a lot to ask for, but its been my dream since I was 10 and I'm sticking to it! I am not going to college rodeo, I'm going to take college classes online, one day I would like to own my own practice in equine embryo transferring. 

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