Thursday, October 15, 2009

Part Four with BillieAnn Sexton

Whether she is warming up for the IFR or getting her breakaway horse ready for a local rodeo, BillieAnn Sexton keeps her warmup consistent with each of her horses. Below, she discusses her routines on the rodeo circuit and the mentality she tries to maintain while living the rodeo life. She also talks about what products keep her horses running great each weekend. 

Outside the Pen

What is your warm-up like?

Long trotting and making the horse be soft and supple by moving it over with my leg, bending at the poll, and getting there rear end under them.

Do you have any rituals that you never break?

I use to have them bad, call me crazy but when I was little I could not pick out the color of the rubber bands to put in my horses mane, I would just use what ever color I picked first and put it in, or I would call it bad luck for myself. I have grown out of the superstitions.

How early do you like to get to a rodeo?

At least an hour before, when we arrive I want enough rest time for my horse to perform, hauling is hard on all horses. As soon as we arrive I water them and put there magnets on them unless they are already on them. 

Who do you look towards for advice?

My mom, when I get down on myself for messing up under pressure she will always give me the best advice.

Who else's runs do you always watch?

At the IPRA's, Laura Kerley, her and her horse Jackie are such a team.

What supplements do you use on your horses?

SeaBuck, it keeps my horses shiny and healthy while also preventing from ulcers. I also give them a shot of Adequine, which is a joint supplement every two weeks.

What do you feed your horses?


What veterinary practices do you use most often?

I will always stretch my horses necks with a treat to both sides, and stretch there legs. At a walk, zig-zagging down a hill builds there stifle muscles. I love cold liniments or wrapping my horse in poultice for trailer rides. If my horse's legs are swollen a little from a trailer ride or the blood circulation is not flowing enough I will run cold water over there legs for 20 minutes and then put magnets on them. 

What rules do you play by with your horses? What drugs will you use and what drugs won't you use?

I give a shot of Adequan to all the performance horses every two weeks, it is a joint supplement. Also if I know I am competing at a big rodeo I will give a shot of Legend 72 hours out. Also Banamine is a great muscle relaxer if one my horses feel horse.

What's the best part about your riding?

Spending time with my horses and becoming a "team" with them.

What do you struggle with riding-wise?

Mainly its in my mind, I tend to think to much. 

Are there any head games you play with yourself that can mess you up?

Yes, many, pressure is something I been working on for a long long time now, if the odds go for me to win a average by the time I make the short go, I won't. I start thinking about it way to much instead of going out there and riding hard, I will safety up, which leads to mess up. Go hard, EVERY TIME! Don't learn the hard way, like I have.

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