Monday, October 12, 2009

Making It in the IPRA -17-Year-Old IFR Qualifier BillieAnn Sexton

Seventeen-year-old Westville, Fla., cowgirl BillieAnn Sexton is making a run this year to qualify for her second International Finals Rodeo. With over $6,000 won this year in the International Professional Rodeo Association, she sits at 16th in the world. At 17, she is already doing a whole lot right to make a major name for herself in professional rodeo.


When did you start running barrel horses?

I was 8 years old when i got my first barrel horse. I competed in reining before I became a barrel racer.

Who taught you to ride?

Dallas Dewees, many time SouthEastern Circuit winner.

Why barrel racing, instead of anything else?

Its intense and it will get your adrenaline going more then any other sport.

What has been your biggest accomplishment to date on the back of a horse?

Qualifying to the International Finals Rodeo(IFR)09' and winning the second round. Also Reserve at NBHA Youth World-04' 

Do you hold any arena records?

Gallup New Mexico, 15.9.(I think I still hold it.) Montgomery AL, the covered arena, not coliseum, 15.6. On the old stakes in Autagatville AL. 14.7. Valley 4, FL, 16.3.

What horse have you had the most success on?

"Shorty" Desert Patriot

What is the biggest check you’ve ever taken home in a single weekend?

Oh my, this one is hard! If I am not mistaken during the Mega barrel race I won around $5,000 that week I placed 2nd in a round, placed in a round and in the average aboard shorty! 

What does your family think of your rodeo life?

They are fully behind me 110%. I am so blessed to have such great parents.

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