Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend Review - Marietta, Ohio APRA

The Buckeye Rodeo Company brought some tough competitors to the tiny track pen at Marietta, Ohio's Washington County Fair. The American Professional Rodeo Association and the Mid-States Rodeo Association co-sanctioned the event that brought in 12 barrel racers from around the region. The ground was the usual dirt-on-track style, and pen was barely a few strides across, presenting a challenge to even some of the best rodeo horses there. 

What: APRA/MSRA Rodeo 

Who: Buckeye Rodeo Company Stock, 12 mainly local barrel racers

Added Money: $300 added. $62 non-member entry fee. 

The Ground: The light dirt was soft on top and hard underneath. Most horses didn't have a problem with it at all, partly because the pen was so small that most of the big horses could not get going fast enough to slip. (To inject a big of personal experience, though, I was on a young, smaller horse that could get going fast enough and did fall because of her turning style.) Again, most horses handled the ground fine, and it was very similar to the BullRide Mania at Dayton, Penn. 

Overall: The rodeo was a huge success. The crowd was huge and was completely into the show. The event drew in some good local barrel racers and team ropers. As for the runs, though, the rodeo was a tough one for most barrel racers. The gate was a side entrance that the gateman told the competitors to run, so the second barrel was directly in front of the alleyway. The biggest struggle seemed to be keeping the barrels up in the tight set up. With fans and grandstands on both sides and chutes behind the third barrel, a lot of cans fell over. Most horses also struggled with getting up any kind of speed through the pattern and most horse's turns weren't as honest as usual because of the small set up. It was a typical small track rodeo, with lots of factors contributing to make the run tough. 

Results: Still waiting on the results from the APRA office. Since my horse fell on top of me and I was hurting pretty bad, we headed home after the team roping slack and didn't stay for the barrel racing slack. I'll have them for you as soon as I get them!

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