Friday, September 11, 2009

Hats On!

As I poured over my Google Analytic statistics that tell me what people are looking at on TheBarrelRacingBlog and how they got here, I noticed that someone searched the phrase "how to keep your hat on barrel racing." 

And that led me to this short post - duct tape. When I was 14, a very tough cowgirl told me that stampede straps are for wannabes. That stuck in my head immediately, and from then on I was bound and determined to never ever be forced to use one again. 

I tried everything - bobby pins, maxi pads (yes, ask anyone on the Fly-By-Night Crew from 2004), paper towels - and nothing would keep that thing on my head. Finally, one night, I overheard some older women talking about how they keep their hats on their heads. They said they place an inch-long strip of duct tape on their hats then press it tightly to their foreheads. The trick hasn't failed me yet. By now, my hat is so molded to my head that nothing would make it come off, but for new hats that aren't quite right yet, duct tape solves the problem!


  1. Hair spray works as well, spray a bunch on your head, then put you hat on while its wet. But I will warn you, it doesnt feel very good when you go to take the hat back off. Duct tape would be less painful, but this is a good trick if you dont have any tape with you.

  2. WOW! This is perfect haha. Ive always had this problem so i use a stampede string but your right they are for sissys! I'll have to try this!

  3. Thanks! Will have to give the duct tape a try!

  4. I have had duct tape fail me and I have the hilarious video to prove it. The dang hat came off my head and was taped to my forehead as I turned the first barrel... I have hat issues. ;)My stampede string never fails!