Friday, September 4, 2009

Natalie Overholt - The Extras That Keep Her Going - Part 5

A lot of external factors go into a run each night. Sometime's its the saddle, other times its the trip to or from a rodeo that weighs heavy on your mind going down the alleyway. Here, Overholt talks about some of the things other than the horses and the ground that go into life on the rodeo trail.
Overholt's dog, Jasper, is her favorite traveling buddy.

Who are your hauling partners?
My dog Jasper always goes with me. Sometimes I haul by myself. Usually haul with Tyler West and sometimes with some girls from around home.

What is your favorite memory of life on the rodeo road so far?
There are a lot of good memories. One of the best was when Tyler and I rode our horses bareback in the grand entry at North Washington, Penn., last year. He rode a 4-year-old that had never been in a grand entry, and I rodeo my horse Casey.
Last weekend I got to throw t-shirts to the crowd on the victory lap and New Windsor, Ill., that was fun.

When you are at a rodeo, who else’s run do you make sure you watch and why?
People I am traveling with to discuss runs afterwards. Plus whoever else’s run I don’t miss.

What type of truck and trailer do you drive and why?
Chevy because Chevys are fast! Mine is just a gas engine but I wish I had a Duramax diesel.

What’s the worst thing that has ever happened on the road?
My horse fell into gate and scraped her legs all up and had to vet out of some good rodeos.

Where is the farthest you’ll travel for a rodeo?
Depends on how much money is added.

How often do you take time off?
Little as possible.

How long do you condition a horse before you run it?
Couple months

What type of hat do you wear?
I need a new hat.

What kind of saddle do you ride?
Circle Y

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