Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Barrel Racer's Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

This year, I've been very, very good. I have taken my horses to the vet when I thought they were the very least bit sore, and I've rested them when they've needed it. I have cleaned my stalls each and every day, and I've always picked my horses' feet before and after riding. I make sure there are enough shavings in the back of my trailer, and I keep my truck clean and above a quarter tank.

I have paid my fees through money I made working pleasure horses and have paid my fuel bills by pumping plasma out of my arms twice each week. I have spent hours sitting through mundane meetings for work and have written hundreds of stories for the newspaper, all to pay for my habit - barrel racing.

I've run in the rain and the mud and in the hot summer heat, and I've sat through the cold at barrel races. I have exhibitioned my young horse and not hurried her, and I've retired my old horse when it was her time.

So, Santa, if you think I've been good, too, then here's a list of some horsey things I'd like to find under my tree on Christmas morning:

1. A year's supply of Lubrisyn

Santa, Lubrisyn will help me take care of both my young and old horses, and it will keep me from making as many trips to the vet's. My vet even thinks I should have it, knowing it will keep me from driving him nuts with sore horses! It will help keep my horse' joints moving smoothly, even though sometimes I run on some tough ground that hurts them. If you get this for me this year, I'd really like another year's supply next year, too!

2. Ed Hardy Tack from Bar~N LLC

Not just for me, but for my diva mares, too! Santa, this will go perfectly with my new Lagrange Boots, Rock N' Roll Cowgirl and Cowboy Militia  duds. Santa, I haven't bought new tack since I got my custom made 5J set  over four years ago. I'm really due for a good new set! On my old black mare, this stuff would really pop. Santa, like I said before, I've been very, very good.

3. An Ed Hardy Halter by BillieAnn Sexton

It's only fair that I match my new headstall and breastcollar with this halter! Santa, I've had the same rope halter on my old mare for 10 years, and she's definitely due for something flashy on her little head! Plus, with the attitude both my my mares have, Ed Hardy's "Love Kills Slowly" line would fit them perfectly! Santa, you'd also be helping out BillieAnn Sexton by buying me one - she's not a big company, just a great young cowgirl putting out a great product!

4. Western Glamour's "Cowgirl is the New Black" Shirt

This shirt says it all. A life many of us have been living for years is really catching on, as styles are swapping back and forth between western and mainstream. Its the perfect treat for me because I've been a good cowgirl all year long.

5. The New Horse

The mystery horse. Santa, please. I know every little girl asks for a pony every year, but this is serious. I've paid my dues with my young horse, and she's doing great...BUT, I'm really ready for a finished aged mare. I've never had a ready-made horse before, but as I get ready to head out on the career search, finish my thesis for graduation and start a life, it would be great not to have to tune on a colt. The freedom of just being able to go on the weekends and not worry about checking, helping or even just exhibitioning would be amazing! I'd love to not have to get to a barrel race at 7:30 a.m. to exhibition, and heaven forbid, just get there a class before the 4D. Santa, if you need help looking for this horse, I have one in mind - we should talk!

So, Santa -

This is part one of this list. As the holiday season moves forward, I'm sure I'll think of more! Am I being greedy? Probably! But even cowgirls can dream, right?

Thanks, Santa.



  1. I love the "Cowgirl is the new Black" shirt! This was a great post! Keep up the good work Chelsea!


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  3. That's a great letter to Santa! Maybe someday it'll come true. Haha