Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Poll! What's your favorite PA/OH winter series?

With many of us struggling through the snow and the wind in Pennsylvania and Ohio throughout the winter, it's great to have an indoor arena to escape to regularly. While many local arenas offer shows of some sort during the colder months, few actually have true winter series with year-end awards. In western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio, Buckhorn Arena (West Sunbury, Penn.) hosts Fast Times events that combine steer wrestling and barrel racing, giving out great year-end awards. This year, Blue Lakes Arena (Newbury, Ohio) will be giving out a series saddle at its winter series contest shows. Dave Martin always hosts the Sundance Arena (Fredonia, Penn.) winter rodeo series, that gives out a year-end buckle. 

So, at the right hand side of this page you'll see the poll - which series do you prefer? The poll closes on December 7th!


  1. I love your letter , good luck with santa

  2. WB Ranch in Swanton Ohio is having there 2nd annual Winter Barrel Series. Last year they gave an amazing Saddle Engraved to the winner and placed 4 other spots with blankets and grooming bags. I know the showbill will be coming out soon.

  3. I am trying to find some good winter rodeos that are not to expensive but I can only find a few in pa so di you have any one to ofer