Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bit of the Week - Lance Graves Rope Nose Sidepull

We haven't had a chance to throw together our "Bit-of-the-Week " section lately, but this one is definitely worth a mention.

This Lance Graves' sidepull  is way more than just a hackamore. It's shanks rotate outwards, giving you the feel and connectivity of a snaffle bit while maintaining the pull of the hackamore.

Right now, I'm using it on my six-year old that needs a little bit of a check before a barrel but still needs the lift and guide around a barrel like a snaffle would provide. I can lift her shoulder with this bit and still reach down and pull her around with it if she needs more help. My team roping, horse-stealing boyfriend also heels off of the same horse using this, and it gives him enough pull to slide to a stop on the heeling side.


  1. Hey! Love this entry! I may have to try this on Drifter. I have been riding him in the bozo side pull, but this is interesting. Have you ridden your mare in a bozo?


  2. I haven't tried the Bozo on her - particularly because I don't own it. I think it will be a great hackamore for her once she starts to really rate on her own a little more, and I'm looking forward to trying it. This gives me just enough touch to really sit her down at a barrel if she's getting a little ahead of herself. But, I the shanks are so similar, I imagine the transition between the two hackamores will be pretty smooth.