Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Review - Fox Hollow Rodeo, Waynesville, Ohio

What: A bulls and barrels, part of Fox Hollow's Summer Buckle Series 

Who: Mainly locals. Fox Hollow Stock.

Time: There seemed to be a good deal of confusion on when things were starting, but the rodeo actually started around 6:30 with the Jackpot Bulls, followed by the Jackpot Barrels. 

Fees: $7 admission and $18 entry. 

Added Money: $100

The Ground: What Ground? At the beginning of the show, the ring crew watered the arena and then drug it with the same piece of equipment used to drag a baseball field with. 

In this photo, you can see the rut around the first barrel that made the ground difficult to manage. 
The ground was made up of some light sand, and WOW was it slick. Plus, quite the hole was created at the first barrel. 
A view of the light, sandy ground. 

Overall:  It wasn't a bad little barrel race. There seemed to be over 20 girls, and some pretty good cowgirls and horses pulled in before it was all said and done. One of my hauling partner's horses slipped on the third barrel pretty bad, and for some reason they chose to use plastic barrels, so there were a TON of knock downs. Also, they just ran an outgate but no alleyway. The gate was nestled between two sets of bleachers, so pedestrians were a huge hazard running out. The timer was set DIRECTLY at the out gate, so you had to run the whole way out the gate or risk losing time. TIMER + OUTGATE + PEDESTRIANS ON CELL PHONES/KIDS = BAD NEWS!

Results: Brooke Vaughn won the barrels with a 14.91, and I followed with a 15.14. It paid $177 to win it, and $107 to be second.

A picture of my barrel horse turning the second barrel. 


  1. then dont come back this is the way a lot of rodeo arenas are .stick with the speed shows and stop whinning about it.

  2. I would definitely agree, a lot of rodeos are slick. It is so important to have a horse that can handle this type of ground as well as the big speed show ground. I'm much more of a fan of the rough ground, if you check out this earlier post -
    I did enjoy this rodeo, though!

  3. That's why I don't go there anymore..They need more dirt and need to start taking care of the barrel racers...
    If you have a okay horse sure, you might feel it is okay to run there if you paid thousands for it, it isn't worth losing your horse over!
    I rodeoed alot and that place is H*ll compared to any rodeo I have been too!

  4. Well for the person who posted this I am Brooke Vaughn I run at fox hollow rodeo alomost every weekend. I love this place and who cares how much you paid for your horse im sure that each and everyone of us barrel racers care about are horses just the same. I love my horse to death and she is going to be 20 this year and she does just fine on this ground!! So if you dont have any thing nice to say dont say anything at all.

  5. They are using metal barrels now. Not a bad little place to go. You're not going to make enough to quit you're full time job but its a fun little deal close to home for some of us. You have to have a rodeo horse that loves trashy ground for this place. If you have a horse that eats up small pens and/or racetrack pens this is the pen for your horse. If you need deep ground or the perfect approach to the first then this isn't somewhere you are going to enjoy.

  6. Hi: Looking for info an 18-19 y/o quarter/appy cross gelding named Dancer that has run in the past at Fox Hollow. (Mostly gray with some brown across his chest and legs, fading to more gray with spots to the rear. Brown ears on a white head. Wide blaze, dark nose. He is currently for sale and we have plans to go look at him next week. Does anyone have any info about this horse? Would appreciate any help :) Thanks much! Dawn

  7. i work at fox hollow an hav for about a year it seems alot of people complain but its always the ones that brag or dont win u gota think everybody ther is against the same thing so thats wer u show ur skill u shud b good on all terain so quit whining real riders win an if they dont they dont whine i drag that arena every week an its all the same the whole arena