Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Transitioning from a Rope Horse to a Barrel Horse

The Reason for the Switch
Sometimes, we don't have time to start a colt from the ground up, wait through its futurity years and slowly adjust the horse to life up and down the rodeo road. Finding a cheaper, finished rope horse is a great option for somebody who can't afford to splurge on a finished barrel horse but doesn't have the time to start a baby.

The Perks
Most ropers demand a calm, quiet horse who can stand in the box, stand tied for hours at a time and doesn't spook. Rope horses are used to cattle, so running down a rodeo alleyway as bulls fuss in the back pens won't bother them. They already know how to tuck their butts underneath them and move quickly, so all that's left to teach them is to turn a barrel. Usually, as our experts will tell you in this video, teaching a rope horse to turn a barrel doesn't take long. 

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